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Develop a creative thinking and innovative workforce

“Thought provoking, loved the approach, looking forward to using the method and games with my teams, unique approach to development and change” 

Head of L&D - Retail 

Thanks again for the workshops. The team absolutely loved you, they all said you were the best facilitator and workshop that they had ever attended, so a BIG well done!

Head of Customer Service, Retail 

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Looking to ignite change fast?

Cafe Style Ignite Events are not 'training.' They are designed to spark powerful transformation and new thinking in your leaders or employees. You can choose any of the cultural subjects on the menu, or go bespoke!

1. Experiential Methodology

Cafe Style’s Ignite events are designed on our revolutionary method of experiential group play that transforms how people habitually think, opening their mind and developing their creative and other Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)!

2. Right-Brain Thinking

Innovative organizations develop right-brained skills, including creativity, imagination, analogy, and empathy, we believe that experiential play is the best way to bring these values to life - from 10 to 1000 people, our master facilitators make this happen!

3. Immediate Results

Cafe Style methodology is proven to ignite and embed thinking fast. In these events, participants can contextualize the learning and will walk away with ideas and insights that are relevant to the current business needs, resulting in immediate ROI!


Ignite a creative thinking, innovative culture and thrive through disruptive change

“It was a gush of fresh air to training and development, pure magic and so engaging. The timing for Cafe Style is now” Head of OD - International Bank


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