Cafe Style IGNITE Events

Experiential learning events, tailored to your unique business needs!

“Thought provoking, loved the approach, looking forward to using the method and games with my teams, unique approach to development and change” 

Head of L&D - Retail 

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Innovation Days

Cafe Style experiential Innovation Days allow your teams to solve real problems using powerful creative thinking and critical thinking interventions and activities!


Cafe Style away-days allow you to get people together, from 10 to 500. Our consultants will help you pinpoint ideas and bespoke the day to your specific needs!


Leadership Development

Cafe Style leadership events are designed to transform leaders' self-awareness, develop their Emotional Intelligence, Creative Leadership and Communications Skills! 

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“It was a gush of fresh air to training and development, pure magic and so engaging. The timing for Cafe Style is now” Head of OD - International Bank


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