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Bespoke Embedding Vision & Values Program 

According to a research report by consultants PwC, lack of training and culture are the biggest factors preventing the adoption of Industry 4.0. Changing culture can be overwhelming; the fact is, it can only be changed incrementally, if it is systemized, when leaders and champions have great facilitation skills and when they have the right tools to get the job done.  

It’s easy to say that people are our biggest assets in our organization, but that has to be apparent in the culture, people should be highly engaged into the vision, brand and the values. When the culture is effective, leadership is impacting. Leaders understand how to think strategically, critically and make effective decisions.

● They inspire and motivate people to ensure they work smart, not just hard

● They are integrally involved in the development of their people

● They inspire pride in their team and guide people through chaotic change, efficiently mobilizing and leading people to think creatively

Cafe Style is an innovative methodology that is proven to accelerate learning and change! Our team of expert consultants are at hand to customize a culture change program that is strategically aligned with your unique vision, values and behavior competencies.

What's in the Program?

Cafe Style Champions Network program includes:

  • Bespoke Cafe Style bite-size program design against the organization's vision and values
  • Cafe Style Activity Toolbox 
  • Facilitation Workshop (Can we designed in a virtual classroom if required) 
  • Bite-size Development Videos
  • Virtual Masterclasses
  • Social Learning and Networking
  • Team Challenges
  • Resource Library
  • Full Support
  • 5 Key Modules, including:
    • Workbooks
    • Bite-size Facilitation Videos
    • Bite-size Lessons and Assignments
    • Masterclasses

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