Master Facilitator of Organizational Culture Change

Learn to facilitate in Cafe Style to Master Level:

This blended learning experience introduces Learning Practitioners to a completely new method that is proven to accelerate learning and transform thinking of individuals and groups.

You'll walk away with the knowledge, skills and tools to design and deliver experiential learning interventions of any size or subject and understand how to develop an innovative workforce! 

Benefits of Blended Learning

You can learn to become a Cafe Style Master Facilitator of Organizational Culture Change from the comfort of your own desk and the engaging bite-size chunks means the course does not eat into your working day!

Get Access to Cafe Style Activity Portfolio

"Knowing is not enough, we must do!" Bruce Lee

Having the knowledge and skills of how to transform your teams is critical, but knowing is not enough. As a Cafe Style Master you get access to a portfolio of activities, giving you everything you need for workforce innovation. 

Virtual Masterclasses and Action Learning Groups

Fueling the genius in your team requires hands-on practice and ongoing development, ideas and innovation.  As a Cafe Style Master, you get access to ongoing Virtual Masterclasses and join Virtual Action Learning Groups (Banter Learning) and harness the power of social learning with like-minded industry colleagues.   

Program Outline

Module 1 - Experiential Facilitation

This is a powerful method which significantly accelerates learning when compared to a traditional method of learning.
Module 2 - Neuroscience of Play

This module will help your journey in understanding the Neuroscience of Play and how to apply it in a learning environment!

Module 3 - Emotional, Social and Conversational Intelligence

This module focuses on the disciplines of Conversational, Social and Emotional Intelligence in relation to learning and change.
Module 4 - How Adults Learn And Why Empowerment Matters

Explore the timeline of learning history, focusing on adult learning and understand how Cafe Style knits into some of the learning and empowerment theories!

Module 5 - Neuroscience of Creative Leadership and Change

Creative leadership is about creating the right environment that enables creative thinking and innovation to happen, learn how to make it happen!

Module 6 - Culture From Industrial Revolution to Agility and Creativity

Shifting from one culture to another requires deep habitual change. This modules explores what needs to happen to make this happen! 

Module 7 - Creating a Learning Organization

Learn how to create a learning organization that is capable of continuously transforms itself, ready to thrive through disruptive change!

Module 8 - Experiential Virtual Classroom

Experiential facilitation can be successful in a virtual classroom environment, learn the tricks of the trade and facilitate powerful interventions in a virtual environment!
Module 9 - The Wonderful Human Brain

The human brain is the most complex, mysterious system in the known universe. It represents around 2-3% of our body weight, but manages 98% of human functions. The more we know about it, the more effect we can be at innovating our teams!

Module 10 - How to Run a Pop-Up Cafe

 In this module, you will learn how to deign and deliver powerful Pop-Up Learning Cafe interventions!


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